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Saturday, September 28, 2013


It was only two and a half hour sleep last night.body was super-tired when i hit home.but as always...eyes refused to shut down.school.was again.a new day.a new tarbiyyah that Allah sent to test for my patience.having prepared everything for one whole day right after i hit home from school, just to make today's lesson fun for them.turned out to be disaster.kids were fighting over easy pitsy things.sulked over questions that their group
 member was not able to answer.

Again...you can plan.but He always be the best planner after all.i shed tears.hah.too sad to leave these kiddos unsettled.

A peek of these little minions

May Allah ease the path.may Allah help them with their life trials.o'Allah.don't let them go astray. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dengan siapa kita kecewa sebenarnya?

"mendidik itu bukan menjadi mua'lim semata-mata, bukan mudarris semata-mata, bukan ustaz or ustazah..tapi murabbi ,,insan yg membentuk dari segala sudut peribadi ,..lakukan dengan sifat Rahman dan Rahim RABBIla'lamin.."

"berapa hari dh tazkirah? berapa banyak dh nasihat? nabi nuh berapa tahun berdakwah? berapa yg ikut? nabi musa yg berdakwah berpa tahun? berapa ramai yg ikut?....tugas kita usaha,,yg merubah hati manusia hanya ALLAH..maka berpa kali doa yg keluar dari HATI untuk anak didik..mungkin kesusahan ini hadiah dari ALLAH untuk orng yg die sayang..."

 It was again a 'disappointing' experience with the kiddos. It was hard not to feel bad when your lesson went haywire. and yes, teachers did walk with preparation and intention to teach the kids.

but again, Allah had sent me a beautiful reminder. when I sigh and I complaint about the students, I hardly reflect what have I done to really teach the students to be better caliph for ummah.

never stop trying.
kalau seorang pendidik berhenti mendidik..what will be to the nation.

mungkin kena cuba gaya murabbi.hah.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Mind #2

It was the normal routine again and again. But it was different air I breath each day. Different life lesson taught by the students every single day.

It was late at night when I saw a post from a highschool friend. Being in one of the biggest company in the country make me feel a bit jealous.its shaytaan or perhaps just my heart did not get the right tune at that time.*sigh*. A lot of them had accomplished so much in life when I am still crawling to complete my degree. The almost five and a half years spent for study yet nothing in between that I had actually done for others make me feel low. How much time have I wasted when I don't even have the luxury of time.

But again, looking at the bright side. That is not what I am looking for in life. And I am sure enough that He planned everything with the permanent marker pen way before I was here in Loh Mahfuz. And I am here writing with pencils and giving the eraser to Him to erase my unreasonable life plans.

It is not the matter of how high you are in the eye of the society, but it matters who you are in the eye of The Creator.

let's head up for the students tomorrow. wishing them to gain the knowledge delivered. Their life stories are not as fairytales as what we have been through. You know life hits them hard when they are young and you should be there to help them stand.

night rambles.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Mind #1

Random mind # Take 1

It was over almost a year when we last met each other. Allah wills us to meet once again last week.maybe to inspire.or maybe to tell us how much have we disregard things and nikmat that He gave us since. 

I breakdown when my kids throw tantrums. 
I was mad when they could not sit and listen.
I feel helpless when both my hands hurt badly because of small cuts.

And after I saw her I think I shall look into the mirror and say..duhhh akma.look at urself.

diagnosed with glaucoma. fighting for her right eye for 24 years and was told that she could lost everything in between two hours due to retina detachment. and yet after everything, she told us that in all musibah there are sweetness that Allah gave her.

and she was grateful.for the only eye that she had. for all the trials from Him.

I would like to see the smile last. and I know she will laugh and smile as she is now.

may Allah grant her a clearer sight.she had so much to explore.and she is one of the light in the ummah. she had so much to do. a lot of people loving her to every bits.

tribute to Kak Syarnisa.
you might not know how much you inspire people.
but you did.
stay strong.
stay safe.

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