squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Monday, October 22, 2012



Trying to stay awake after subuh and flipping through facebook...and my eyes stop at one of the pictures.

A deep sigh...sad...mad?

I don't know.


Weak...for not being able to stop things and correct 'em.

Weak...for your words not to be taken into actions.

Weak...for not being able to pull you,we us together to Jannah

Mata masuk habuk.
From afar...I can just pray for you.looking at myself with so much imperfections, probably that hinders the good words from reaching you.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 2+2 years...

Its the second year...for me to realize the meaning of living.
So...lets say it is my second birthday.



zasss...kepala laju jer pusing tengok makhluk mana yang berani hempuk aku dengan bag.
asbestos sungguh.

woittt...agak2 la.pantang men cepuk-cepuk aci redah ni

heeee...ko ni.rilek la.kata bday harini.da 22 kot...tua dah weyh.

aku diam...dah 22.calculator otak laju mengira.harini..22 years old.T_______T.rase mcam baru smalam baling kasut dekat budak laki zaman skolah rendah.baru smalam jugak rase lompat pagar sekolah semata-mata nak beli kuih manja belakang pagar sekolah.that...was wayyyy before.keluhan berat x semena-mena aku lepaskan.

Nurin membetulkan duduk sebelah aku...flip bag hitam merah Nurin ak jeling sekilas.Weyh...kau kenapa?ribut tak hujan tak...mendung semacam.nak ribut petir dah aku tengok.

nafas aku tarik dalam...kepala aku pusing, mengadap Nurin." Ko tak rasa twenty two years of living is really long...and to think about it.I did nothing much in life.Something that can secure me a place in Jannah at least.22 years is not a mark of victory to be able to live up till now...but a reminder that am closer to death.and it is a scary fact.yes?

Nurin diam...when she speaks with that tone.she knows that it is not a time for stupid jokes.


And that was just another rant...thinking of having it longer but brain just cant compute to write in Malay and rojak language...I might get sue because of it.hahaha

knowing that 14th of October  is the birth date for one of the most respected man..Imam Syahid Hassan Al-Banna...knew this last year when I was doing some reading and some "islamic" rambling with my bro.this knocked me.to remember that everytime I celebrate my birthday, there is someone, who was born on the same date have done so much for the ummah.and where did I stand.what did I do.wheauu.hence,being grateful for 22 years of living and reflecting.

deep sigh...(-_-'')