squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Just when the assignments start to pile up on the desk...
Here I am ranting something that probably I will forget.

two months to go...and dear heart starts to think about the fact of leaving brisbane..and one of it is to let go of the kids at KAFA. its just different feeling...when you are trying so hard to get them to be the best of the best generation.who knows about Islam.who proud to be Muslims.and you have to let them go.

Not wanting them to be like "us"?
watching them...innocently asking us how to tell their teacher that they can't hold hand with boys
when we are preaching them its wrong to touch other genders
Have we ever care to tell this to other kids back home?
I would say we miss this minor point
and they grow up being so carefree in socializing
who to blame?just look in the mirror and we will get a clear answer.

Dare to say...been there.done that.
Pray out of ritual...wear what desired.rasa chantek.heh..
and to think it is cool?

whatever it is...
I know that there are thousands of kids in Malaysia
and its the matter of choice for us to pick
to be blame for not teaching them to be a Muslim
or to get rewarded for helping them to be a better one
Its always the matter of choice...

wallahualam...a reminder for self..remember that Allah has His plan.#convincing myself being teacher is one source of pahala.even if you feel awkward to be standing in front and teach.^^

Dear to heart


All the peace and blessing from Him...
Thanking Him for every single breath that we take...have we?

This short entry...for my ol'skul mate
The one who always be there through thick and thin
You know I love you because of Allah didn't you...

Its your 22nd birthday
Old enough...haha.am younger thou.=P

Let the 22 years onwards be better than previous years
Let all the silly things passed by because the past doesnt define who you are today,
But the pasts were there just for you to look back sometimes...
reminder for not repeating the old same mistakes...

I am wishing you all the blessing from Him for years to come
May our friendship last sampai syurga
May we both change for better person
May we both run,dance,speed,and drift for our ambition
and be successful here...and also hereafter

Be strong because I know you are strong
Smile regardless all the hardship coming through
As He knows better
And he knows you can endure it well..

There will always be rainbow after rain...and surely Allah is always there for you.
worry not..^^

Its a long way ahead...and am not sure till when will we share the laugh and tears
But lets make every little seconds count.:')

love from land down under...^^.<3 br="br">

Sunday, September 2, 2012



back from friend's open house.and just not feel right to keep it to myself and not spilling it out.so i choose this blog.for me to rant.

One of my mates remind me that everything outside is determine by whats inside.yes!that tiny muscle in ones body, but its like the main controller for the Xbox.it controls everything.for you to lose or to win in this endless fight on dunya and for what you can bring to the day of judgement.*sigh*

"Its easy to look pious, but its not easy to act pious"

True indeed, you put long hijab and jubah,people will start calling you ustazah.=.="..easy pitsy to cheat on human eyes. I am not saying this to say that those who are trying to change their outside appearance as being hypocrite, because you have to for the sake of Allah.my point is, when we tried so hard to change our outside appearance, don't leave our heart unattended. Because shaytan, they have no better things to do other than poisoning our hearts with the bad whispers.

I think I have make a u turn by saying all those stuff...

My point is, I cant bear seeing any my hands-on-your-hands or any sort of close contact between two opposite gender without them having any official halal relationship.Just cant help myself to have that tiny whispers in heart.that ad whispers.

and more...for not being able to say a word to stop any of those acts.

for the opposite genders, both of them. its really hard to deal with when we are talking about heart. so, first thing is to avoid it. avoidance...run from it.block it in any way possible.u will have nothing to lose.Allah has a better plan for you and your another half.inshaAllah...

remember...and a constant reminder.

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