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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You can never give what you don't have

That one line...caught me.

Aku pernah ada kat atas, dan aku jugak pernah ada di bawah. In fact, most of the time I chose to be at the bottom. Entah, aku suka.rasa senang.being on top, with the attention and expectations makes me feel sick.=.="

tapi...never try to be at the bottom always. Sebab kau tahu, dan aku tahu.masing-masing pegang tanggungjawab. I have my own part of telling people, and so do others. 

Tapi what hits me is, the fact that I stop searching. the reason I am not sure either.kadang-kadang manusia boleh jadi complicated when the reality don't even require them to act as one.

The impact is, I have nothing to share with others.Just holding to the principle that you aint saying things that you know bits and pieces of it without practicing it bawak aku to one wits end. Of having nothing to give others. Living a selfish life? I am not sure either.

Ustaz Salam 2337 300812

Its "merdeka" thing tomorrow?

Are we???stop celebrating it since I came here.get the definition of merdeka out of textbook and work for your own independence.lari dari keterikatan tu.will you?

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This morning...as I scrolled through the Facebook updates...I stumbled upon my senior's post about Mas Afzal.again.reading his blog before.It was just inspiring.there is no word that can describe how much suffering that he had went through.yet...the never ending spirit of him light others life.erti hidup pada memberi?he showed it well...

To be at his place, this little heart of mine.whom whine over small matters,whom disregard learning because I just have no motivation of doing all these.me.i bet this small heart will never grow big with that much of test from Him.I bet Allah loves him,to give him such test.:')

After long silence, Mas Afzal's mom wrote this-heart-melting short post about his son.How he affected others in every way possible. Just by reading this post, I learnt one thing, be the one who enlighten others. Because you never know when will you need to leave this stop, and return to where you belong to.indeed life is short.

So, here today.reflecting on my own self whom often get mad, high tempered homo sapien.the one who doesn't know how to act as "soft spoken"...socially awkward and easily get annoyed with people.heyyyy,you are not living in this world with no purpose.and you don't know when is your end day too.changing...or at least try to change.kick out all those bad habit of yours.change to please Allah because He likes all the good characters.bit by bit...the tiny baby steps are counted.:)

This is one of the curahat...shortened from curahan hati.xD..

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life Anecdote #2


To those whom might stumble on this blog...

its the third day of Eid Mubarak.which means Ramadhan had left us for three days already.Hopefully the spirit will last long.ameen.

its the last year for celebrating Ramadhan and also Eid here...in bumi kangaroo and koalas.mixed feeling.how much we have changed...back then,all the stupid-immature-acts seems a good memory to be reminiscing about...a good source of jokes..at least for me.

the modesty of the celebration here...caught my heart. praying at the field.sujud bau rumput fresh...bangun from sujud baju semua lekat rumput.liking it much.can i have that in malaysia too.balik raya with the gang and be proud of telling those mat sallehs what we were doing and seeing their amused faces...my heart just say"yes,we have done our "telling others" part".

in Malaysia, we never care of giving our non muslims friends a story tale about what we are doing as Muslims in our everyday lives.don't lie.we never did.yes,they never ask.but we care less so we keep it to ourselves.jual ikan...sampai satu tubuh bau hanyir ikan.eyhh..=.="

one of my friend, a non muslim friend came all the way from uni to our house.even i wasnt home,attending other friends invitation.my hommies told me that she likes the house very much.and they said, they talked about what raya is...what is fasting...and the stories goes on and on.she likes it.and we have been with her for almost four and a half year...and only know we care to tell.Allah...how ignorance we were back then.

deep down... i envy those who are not good at creating the bond with new people...can talk about almost everything as if they know each other for quite sometimes.because being socially-awkward-me is so hard.blushed all the way when i was surrounded with unknown homo sapien.=.="...it strikes me...everytime a Muslims or non-Muslims sit next to me and i turn into a statue.i should at least tell them something about islam.but i ended up making a silent conversation.wheauuu.

just a rant...just a rant...because i think the research article that am reading right now is so boring.adeiihh...

for all muslims out there...happy 3rd Eid.=)

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taqaballahu minna waminka...ameen.