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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You can never give what you don't have

That one line...caught me.

Aku pernah ada kat atas, dan aku jugak pernah ada di bawah. In fact, most of the time I chose to be at the bottom. Entah, aku suka.rasa senang.being on top, with the attention and expectations makes me feel sick.=.="

tapi...never try to be at the bottom always. Sebab kau tahu, dan aku tahu.masing-masing pegang tanggungjawab. I have my own part of telling people, and so do others. 

Tapi what hits me is, the fact that I stop searching. the reason I am not sure either.kadang-kadang manusia boleh jadi complicated when the reality don't even require them to act as one.

The impact is, I have nothing to share with others.Just holding to the principle that you aint saying things that you know bits and pieces of it without practicing it bawak aku to one wits end. Of having nothing to give others. Living a selfish life? I am not sure either.

Ustaz Salam 2337 300812

Its "merdeka" thing tomorrow?

Are we???stop celebrating it since I came here.get the definition of merdeka out of textbook and work for your own independence.lari dari keterikatan tu.will you?

^^.V. Jaded's

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