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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life Anecdote #2


To those whom might stumble on this blog...

its the third day of Eid Mubarak.which means Ramadhan had left us for three days already.Hopefully the spirit will last long.ameen.

its the last year for celebrating Ramadhan and also Eid here...in bumi kangaroo and koalas.mixed feeling.how much we have changed...back then,all the stupid-immature-acts seems a good memory to be reminiscing about...a good source of jokes..at least for me.

the modesty of the celebration here...caught my heart. praying at the field.sujud bau rumput fresh...bangun from sujud baju semua lekat rumput.liking it much.can i have that in malaysia too.balik raya with the gang and be proud of telling those mat sallehs what we were doing and seeing their amused faces...my heart just say"yes,we have done our "telling others" part".

in Malaysia, we never care of giving our non muslims friends a story tale about what we are doing as Muslims in our everyday lives.don't lie.we never did.yes,they never ask.but we care less so we keep it to ourselves.jual ikan...sampai satu tubuh bau hanyir ikan.eyhh..=.="

one of my friend, a non muslim friend came all the way from uni to our house.even i wasnt home,attending other friends invitation.my hommies told me that she likes the house very much.and they said, they talked about what raya is...what is fasting...and the stories goes on and on.she likes it.and we have been with her for almost four and a half year...and only know we care to tell.Allah...how ignorance we were back then.

deep down... i envy those who are not good at creating the bond with new people...can talk about almost everything as if they know each other for quite sometimes.because being socially-awkward-me is so hard.blushed all the way when i was surrounded with unknown homo sapien.=.="...it strikes me...everytime a Muslims or non-Muslims sit next to me and i turn into a statue.i should at least tell them something about islam.but i ended up making a silent conversation.wheauuu.

just a rant...just a rant...because i think the research article that am reading right now is so boring.adeiihh...

for all muslims out there...happy 3rd Eid.=)

jaded's 210812 0650 a place down under

taqaballahu minna waminka...ameen.

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