squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


And these are just compilation of pictures snapped on my way to work...just a bit of editing and the view is as it is... beautiful and never fail to amaze me everytime I walk through that bridge. (or i might be running and snapping because am late for work...wallah!)

 and I now shall hit bed...good night.^^.V

27th of Rejab


Here I am again...
feel like writing much since there are much time wasted past few hours. a reminder not to keep wasting time? gah...am not sure.this week regardless of the so-called-holiday, the schedule was packed.really packed instead. Racing over from Taringa to the uni, catching bus and train.waited and ran for the last bus and train seems to be pretty normal recently.hahaha...I am pretty much tired but I enjoyed the remaining few months over here. sad thou...me don't want to go back.


I am...=.="...my tiny little heart is not strong enough to endure the "haywired" reality over there.wheauuu.time will tell

I shall stop the ramblings...today is isra' mikraj.and there are so any stories hidden behind this date.and I did dig a little bit about the stories (just a little bit...shame on me).Al Quds...the day of Salahuddin Al Ayubbi take over it and the land was passed to the UMMAH and thats mean Al Quds belongs to us.MUSLIM. and why we are so ignorant by abandoning our sisters and brothers over there? simple answer, we didn't even know what is the meaning of Al Quds to us. yes. "they" put a blind on our eyes and heart well. we didn't able to see the reality and far beyond looking or searching for the reality.*deep sigh*.

I sometimes afraid...to make the little changes.afraid of my own shadow? I don't know. For the time being, I just have to keep searching and reading.Because I know, I have a lot to learn...countless.too many things. and I shall make my move.

Aslih Nafsak Wad'u Ghairak

and it aint easy to pull others when u are crawling,but it is lot more easier when you are running. But again, the efforts count.

another anecdote


hey shabby-dusty blog...^^


I can't thank Allah enough for what He gave me day by day. I should start off by saying that as always an ignorant human being like me are not thankful enough with my every bits of life.*deep sigh*. This is yester-day story but I want it to be one of my life anecdote.life reminder.as a forgetful one.constantly need reminder. There were three things 

1. I was having a great time with the sisters...sharing stories about "our history" and yet the moment is priceless...we laughed, we mad over those people and complaint together how could they do these and that.ain't that sweet..heshhh*wont be saying this in real life thou.=P

2. In the middle, one f my friend whatsapped me and told me a heart-throbbing news.one of my ol'school gang's dad has liver cancer (cancer hati). And we were making stupid jokes when we knew that she was going back before.Haishhh...I almost shed tears when I heard the news.her dad is already at the final stage and the doc said there is nothing left that they could do.Allah hu allah.How Allah loves her that much till He give her such a big test. And she will be facing her final on 21st of June.wheauuu.hey friend, I know you will keep this much to yourself.but the Ben Ten will always be behind you.me and amal spread the news already.stand still because Allah will always be with you.keep faith.and our never-ending doa will be with you.

3. and I make a du'a for Allah to grant this my little wish.and alhamdulillah He grants it.and this reminds me during our prophet moment of grief when he went to tha'if for da'wah and there were not single door left that he didn't knock and yet those people replied by throwing stones until our prophet bleed till his feet.and then he went to a farm and there he make du'a...(I can't remeber exactly the words and I dare not write when am not sure of it) but the gist of it is he asked Allah, did he commit anything wrong until no one there embrace Islam. did you get the point...did you get the point?

As everyone holds different view...for me this sparks me as one should never make bad assumptions when Allah did not grant our prayers because we commit a lot of sins everyday yet we always wish for our du'a to be accepted.shame on us.

Thats pretty much of it...a day full of lesson and reminders.embrace it well.as things change when we change our ways in viewing things.

Sometimes ones calculation of life can be too complicated and sometimes it could be really simple...