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Sunday, June 17, 2012

27th of Rejab


Here I am again...
feel like writing much since there are much time wasted past few hours. a reminder not to keep wasting time? gah...am not sure.this week regardless of the so-called-holiday, the schedule was packed.really packed instead. Racing over from Taringa to the uni, catching bus and train.waited and ran for the last bus and train seems to be pretty normal recently.hahaha...I am pretty much tired but I enjoyed the remaining few months over here. sad thou...me don't want to go back.


I am...=.="...my tiny little heart is not strong enough to endure the "haywired" reality over there.wheauuu.time will tell

I shall stop the ramblings...today is isra' mikraj.and there are so any stories hidden behind this date.and I did dig a little bit about the stories (just a little bit...shame on me).Al Quds...the day of Salahuddin Al Ayubbi take over it and the land was passed to the UMMAH and thats mean Al Quds belongs to us.MUSLIM. and why we are so ignorant by abandoning our sisters and brothers over there? simple answer, we didn't even know what is the meaning of Al Quds to us. yes. "they" put a blind on our eyes and heart well. we didn't able to see the reality and far beyond looking or searching for the reality.*deep sigh*.

I sometimes afraid...to make the little changes.afraid of my own shadow? I don't know. For the time being, I just have to keep searching and reading.Because I know, I have a lot to learn...countless.too many things. and I shall make my move.

Aslih Nafsak Wad'u Ghairak

and it aint easy to pull others when u are crawling,but it is lot more easier when you are running. But again, the efforts count.

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