squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Monday, July 3, 2017


Life has been moving fast
Really fast
There were times I couldn't catch up
But somehow I have to hold on tight

Raya was great...but not everything was pleasant when I'm at my age and still single.

I honestly have fun doing what I'm doing...studying and learning new stuff.Not that marriage is not in the list but really, I would love to take it as it will be there when the right time and the right person according to His plan appear.

But,expressing this to many will shove me off to the corner...'masyaAllah' sister...why are you having such thought.

Marriage should be your biggest concern.*facepalm*

I know...I know.But I shouldn't rant my problems to the rest of the world to know...nor do I want them to know.

Sometimes talking to human is very tiring too.I'll have a special post for this one.

Being single in the society has been linked to negative personalities...the reasons why guys rejected you are the reasons for you being single up to the very moment.


Even a few told me off.I rather change myself..open up for guys and be more 'approachable'.In what manner...let just leave it there.

I've seen many.

Married and divorced.
Happy and suffered.
Kids are loved and many are neglected.

The riots of everyone should get married...and the latter is to produce babies without actually realizing their responsibilities as husband and wife...or father and mother have shattered the society.

Just come to my school and stay for half an hour in the class.

Before you burst and curse the kids...stop and think.Their behaviours are the product of training by the adult a.k.a parents and surrounding.

You.Us.Ruined them.

For those planning to get married.
Get your acts right.

May the new beginning sets for better future for the generation.

Hidup ada tanggungjawab.

Married or single.

Human or robot.

Everything is created for a purpose.

Ain't they?