squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Tangan sibuk membelek Mocha fusion dalam tangan.hailaa..why on earth did that guy gave me cream.mulut laju menyedut mocha.aaahhh..lega gila.cleaning for five hours makes me crave for coffee.

Tiba-tiba mata aku menangkap kelibat seorang budak.cute gila.'clinging' to her mom.closely.he was asking for her mom to get her the toys that she wanted. Adat mat salleh, tak pernah menengking bila anak mintak barang. after her mom try to compromise with her daughter but she keep insisting. tapi si anak mula buat perangai. she starts to cry, making a ruckus in the store.but the mom, patiently treating the daughter, she still not buying the toys but she took her on the other side of the store and buy her something else.si anak still crying, hitting her mom and try as much as possible to trouble her mom.mata aku tak lepas mmerhati.otak laju berfikir.


a text message received

oh snap!am late for work.

the incident makes me think

bukan ideologinya sama macam manusia dengan sang pencipta?

we always have our own specific prayer, we want this.we want that.but we get otherwise. up to a certain point, we feel that our prayers are not being answered.we start to make trouble.being rebellious?heh...

always we forget

we plan at our best.but Allah is the best of planner.
when our wish are not granted, we focused a lot on the ungranted wish.
when we failed our exam.we focus on our failures.but we forget all the years that we have passed.
just being human being aint we?

but we forget
Have He ever leave us?
How much nikmat yang Allah dah bagi?
seperti anak yg cling much to her mom
thats how we should be clinging to our Creator.
fully dependent on Him
beliefs that all that we get is the best from His plan

ini random...idea drained.because all the ideas come from Him.^^