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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sampaikanlah daripadamu walaupun sepotong ayat….

I was thinking of rewriting my blog all over again...hopefully a new look will bring more benefit than before. As I am responsible for every single thing that I wrote down.*sigh*
Life is short…and we will never know when will be our last day in this so called "dunia" aite?

Dia (Allah) berfirman, " Kamu tinggal (dibumi) hanya sebentar
sahaja, jika kamu benar-benar mengetahui". 
Maka apakah kamu mengira bahawa kami menciptakan 
kamu main-main(tanpa ada maksud) dan bahawa kamu tidak akan dikembalikan kepada kami?

Have you figure out why you are created?

and there are questions to ponder before we close our eyes every single night

Are we ready to face our khaliq?
Have we repented for every single sin that we made?
Have we completed two missions given by Allah?
OR do we even realize what the purposes of LIFE are?

so..lets us

bermuhasabah for a better tomorrow
repent for every single sin made today
and pray that we will be alive for tomorrow

To change from zero to hero ain’t easy…and to turn to 180 degree is not easy either…and it starts from tiny steps. So, lets remind each other.lets hold hand together..and make our journey toward jannah..may Allah bless.

Link for video of the day..reality ummah.

notakaki: its totally random thoughts..but i just think that I have to write it down.and I'm too sleepy to edit the pictures. 

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