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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pen and paper

If someone ask you to take a pen and paper
and then to write down your aims in life
what your purpose of life are
what will be your answer....


If our answer are not for 
mencari redha Allah
or mencari syurga Allah
or anything regarding our creator
we should start now...

I once heard, people are scared of admitting the real purpose 
of life because it is a big responsibility for them to 
carry living in this so called "dunia"
so..pretend not to know seems to be the best choice for them.

lets reset our niat of living..in everything
we should start to rethink
and Allah had stated in the Holy Quran.

"Aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia,
melainkan agar mereka beribadah kepada-Ku"

"Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhan-mu Berfirman kepada para malaikat, 
"Aku hendak menjadikan khalifah
di bumi."


notakaki: the reality is always scary..but its better to know it know than later.(^^)v 


  1. *salam,
    "pretend not to know" used to be my option,
    now trying to remove that option from my list.
    semoga Allah permudahkan jalan kita menuju-Nya. ameeen.. =)

    uhibbuki fillah :)

  2. together we make our way..
    Uhibbuki fillah osmate..^_~