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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Heya kembaq...^^

Heya shabby blog...its been awhile since the last post.busy...am I?I don't think so...indeed wasting time was what i've been doing since am back in Malaysia.

"When you build wall around you to keep you out from sadness, you also keep yourself away from happiness"

indeed...but you teach me to let go of the past...

Stumbled upon this quote past few days and come to think about it.Its almost the truth of it.but again...its better not to laugh your heart out and walk your head down the other day crying.Well again, maybe there is someone who you can open up to and depend on.Its worth to crack your wall sometimes...like what I've did and she is really a gift from ALLAH for me.a grant of happiness.a special kind of double.a super duper great friend and sister.

hey twin...i miss you...>_< [mushy mode]

The naughty minded us when we swapping nametag during this camp sampay kena sound dengan kak Farah...and all the fight we had sleeping in the same room just for three days.^^...and we become so close just in 4 months.super great...tough times when you are leaving thou..=.="...lets keep holding on.the path won't be easy but i will be there for you girl..inshaALLAH.lets seek for Him and find happiness and bless from him.may the relationship that ties us last till Jannah.

When I'm lost in the rain

In your eyes I know I'll find the light
To light my way, when I'm scared losing ground
When my world is going crazy you can turn it all around
And when I'm down you're there pushing me to the top
You're always there giving me all you've got

For a shield, from the storm for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on
For everything you do, for everything that's true, I turn to you

When I lose the will to win
I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again
I can do anything 'cause your love is so amazing
'Cause your love inspires me
And when I need a friend you're always on my side
Giving me faith taking me through the night.

this song is well said...
Dua orang mukmin adalah ibarat dua  ketul logam...
selalu bergesel dan mengeluarkan api...
dan yang meredakannya adalah ukhwah.^^
p/s: kembaq...i woke up every morning  praying for the best of everything ahead for both of us.
never quit and never let go...^_~V
Jzkk for the ohsem you...and thank ALLAH for sure for granting me you.<3


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