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Thursday, December 29, 2011

its hard to say i dont know

alhamdulillah...its the family again.
berbulatan gembira using ym conference for the very first time.^^

and the sharing for today is

[the story]

Alhamdulillah...a great sharing.a reminder for myself not to always bluntly answer any questions without digging further about them and knowing them in details. Homo sapiens...with flaws here and there...the urge to be seen as perfect all known person sometimes tends to admit that they know things that they don't really know.or they know 40.37% of it and not the rest of them.But yes...they say...they do.i say i do.=.=".sometimes we did that to get recognition,sometimes we did that because we are ashamed to admit that we don't know.

Imam al-Muhasibi menegaskan ; "Janganlah malu apabila ditanya tentang perkara yang tidak diketahui agar mengaku: Saya tidak tahu."(1)

Fear of how others will look at you...and rather tell things that you are not really sure?

Imam al-Munawi pula menegaskan ; "Jawapan 'saya tidak tahu' bukti betapa hebatnya kedudukan, betapa kuatnya pegangan agama, terzahir sifat taqwa terhadap Tuhannya, menyatakan kesucian hati, sempurna pengetahuan dan betapa tulus niatnya."(2) 

It reminds me of a saying that says the more we learn and we know that there are more that we don't know. The knowledge of Allah is everywhere, we will not be able to know each of them.but we have to learn as much as we could. As a Muslim, we better have the knowledge of Islam, seek for the knowledge that will guarantee us for hereafter. Because if not, we are among those in lost. And for the knowledge that we seek, then we can share it with others.As we aim to enter Jannah together...with our families and friends...and all.don't afraid to share, but to be able to share we have to know.and for that we have to learn.indeed, job of a learner is for lifetime and there will be no ending for it.

and when we don't know...next time.just say...saya tak tahu.and let others teach us.feel the joy of knowing something new.^^
Diriwayatkan dari Ibnu Abdil Barr di dalam Jami' Bayan al-Ilmi wa Fadlih sesungguhnya ulama' berkata ;
"Belajarlah untuk berkata saya tidak tahu, sesungguhnya jika engkau. berkata sedemikian, orang pasti mengajar engkau sehingga engkau tahu. Sebaliknya jika engkau sentiasa mengaku dengan berkata saya tahu, nescaya mereka akan bertanya sehingga engkau tidak tahu."

"sampaikanlah darimu walaupun sepotong ayat"

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