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Wednesday, March 13, 2013



the shabby dusty blog...revisiting after quite a while 

Just came back from volunteering work at Tengku Budriah..so much fun with the kiddos.but my heartache when I was with them too.

Having fun because the kids are really talkative

They are really pampered, in their own ways

Their will to learn,regardless how much they are lagging behind

Their warm smile...



I fall in love with them all.period

But I cant help to feel greedy.wanting them to be able to get so much in that little time.regardless how hard they are struggling. I want them...to lead a new life.to stand tall wherever they are.never let others look down on them.compete just like others compete.

Go kiddos.be a fighter!

I wish to have more time for them.moga Allah bagi kelapangan masa.

and a promise I should keep.

for years to come, I will teach them to become human. I will teach my students to be human rather than robot. I want to love them the way I love the kids now.and I shall not let the system washed this away.

and heart.shall keep this tight.make me steadfast Ya Allah.


its a rambling...but its the heart content.



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