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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kids have lost their innocence

The first post after keeping myself away with any long writing stuff. Having less time or the truth I have too much to say yet words are not enough to express them all.

The third week has ended for practicum phase one. It was a breathtaking experience. Walking into school feels like walking through a hallway where everything is presented right in front of your eyes. The FUTURE of ummah I would say.

budak-budak yang 80% of them have family problem
budak-budak yang tak kenal erti hormat pendidik
budak-budak yang tukar a mini story book into a porn book
budak-budak yang buat smirk faces when they see teachers

tapi, the truth is.are these really masalah budak. I don't think so. They grew up by looking, listening and copying what the adults did.didn't they.they reflect us.

The truth is, teaching profession now and then is really different. If then, it is a noble profession but not now. People have a mindset that being a teacher is an easy tipsy stuff. masuk mengajar for one hour then thats it. As if they know the reality.

To teach them to be clever, there is no need to send your kids to school.really.but to teach them to be human.that is what we are for.teachers. we are not teaching them, English alone for example. we teach them life.manners.respect.as much as we could.

Tapi...it won't work with the society's mindset.kalau rasa mendidik itu mudah.then didik your kids from home. so then we can take care of the rest.

Having kids without properly teach them is just another sin that people unconsciously doing without even realizing it.

random.random.random.thoughts of being in school for quite some time.

cracking head to teach them English.

hope they will learn.not just the language.hope it went far beyond.


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