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Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Mind #1

Random mind # Take 1

It was over almost a year when we last met each other. Allah wills us to meet once again last week.maybe to inspire.or maybe to tell us how much have we disregard things and nikmat that He gave us since. 

I breakdown when my kids throw tantrums. 
I was mad when they could not sit and listen.
I feel helpless when both my hands hurt badly because of small cuts.

And after I saw her I think I shall look into the mirror and say..duhhh akma.look at urself.

diagnosed with glaucoma. fighting for her right eye for 24 years and was told that she could lost everything in between two hours due to retina detachment. and yet after everything, she told us that in all musibah there are sweetness that Allah gave her.

and she was grateful.for the only eye that she had. for all the trials from Him.

I would like to see the smile last. and I know she will laugh and smile as she is now.

may Allah grant her a clearer sight.she had so much to explore.and she is one of the light in the ummah. she had so much to do. a lot of people loving her to every bits.

tribute to Kak Syarnisa.
you might not know how much you inspire people.
but you did.
stay strong.
stay safe.

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