squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


It was only two and a half hour sleep last night.body was super-tired when i hit home.but as always...eyes refused to shut down.school.was again.a new day.a new tarbiyyah that Allah sent to test for my patience.having prepared everything for one whole day right after i hit home from school, just to make today's lesson fun for them.turned out to be disaster.kids were fighting over easy pitsy things.sulked over questions that their group
 member was not able to answer.

Again...you can plan.but He always be the best planner after all.i shed tears.hah.too sad to leave these kiddos unsettled.

A peek of these little minions

May Allah ease the path.may Allah help them with their life trials.o'Allah.don't let them go astray. 

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