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Sunday, October 6, 2013

If we ever know

There was a talk, that I really wanted to go.
but as a student living in money-eater-city of kuala lumpur
i can't afford the ticket
so what I did was I emailed 'em...asking for discounts and any free admission or half price admission or free volunteers do I can get through to the talk...you know.very cunning.heh.

but there was none available.and they were sorry too.

and I told my naqibah about this.she was cool.and she said she will think of a way.

and a week later we were told that we have a free tafseer class from this 'ustaz'
the fee is ' a steadfast heart'
not that cheap...that was our response.
 and yeap..with that call.we went.leaving behind a whole bunch of practicum works undone.
we went.and late as always.

the first greeting from the mak cik was, 'hah lambat, ustaz dah lama tunggu'
and we were 45 minutes late.dayumm
we thought that the class will start even without us.there should be other people aite.
we walked in.and thats it. we were the only audience.

the tafseer class was meant for us.
the ustaz came solely for us.
the makcik who was a doctor (you how busy they are) spared her house for us
they all...with all their might.did this to provide us with tafseer class.

may Allah bless them
may Allah help us to learn about the Deen.
make du'a for our heart to stay steadfast regardless of anything.


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