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Saturday, December 14, 2013



tangan menggaru kepala yang tak berapa nak gatal.buntu.facing 34 kids in a classroom ain't easy.they are not 'us' years ago whom respect and fear teachers.everyday conversation macam ayam and itik.English is alien for most of them.and the class was chaotic.everytime.

but again

mungkin aku lupa.realitinya Allah datangkan mereka sebagai ujian.Allah tidak akan menguji hambaNya di luar kemampuan.

English might be alien...try not to make it alien to them.

They only fear teacher whom can throw them out of window.not the one that treated them with care and love.

They have no respect towards teacher.because they never understand the value of respecting others.

They can't follow rules. Because they were forced to follow rules.


You have to see a cuboid.not a plain square shape with four sides.


Start understanding.

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