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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Qudwah Hasanah...lah sangat!

Entry ni untuk sentap. Menyentapkan diri sendiri.

Have heard of this alien "Qudwah Hasanah"

Dalam bahasa yang paling mudah: contoh tauladan yang baik.

And kalau terpijak kaki dalam ladang dakwah dan tarbiyyah, we strive to be one. Especially when familly matters. Bukan semua keluarga boleh hadap anak-anak nak membetulkan whats wrong and whats right in everyday actions. Tambah lagi dengan 'budaya' Melayu.

Orang tua makan garam dulu. Thats what they said.

And, the best way is through actions. It speaks louder and works better at times.

Matlamat saya sepanjang cuti, nak berbakti kat parents, jadi anak soleh solehah, buat kerja rumah and the list goes on.

Common answers. And none of them wrong.

And its never easy.

Kalau nak kira buat. Semua orang mungkin boleh buat. Either dalam paksa atau rela.

What I learnt is, qudwah hasanah from the smallest actions which meant big.

It starts from ATTITUDE

Adik, dah masuk waktu, solat. Adik buat muka batu. Takpe, adikkk..solat zohor.

Setengah jam later,

Adik da solat blom? Mata glued to tv, blooommmm.

And thats when The Hulk came.

Angah kata solatttt! Pegi solattt. I count to three and I want you on your prayer mat!

And this is. EVERYDAY.

And I was at fault. Yelling. Attitude fail and I expect him to remember to pray awal waktu.NO. He wont with yelling.

At times. I really think. My attitude as dai'e is messed up.

And reflecting this every night before I sleep. I thought, Shaytan won again today. Made me lose my temper and blow off my mind.


Anyone can take over you when you dont know how to control your temper.

And the attitude you show totally reflects your inner self.



And may Allah gives strength to start the day anew. And showers others with the beauty of Islam and Iman.

Reflected by Muslim. By heart.