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Sunday, June 7, 2015


I hardly wrote any thoughts down after I stepped into "real battle" of working life. Not that I had nothing to say, but I had too much thoughts they were spinning like a typhoon inside my head. I dont know exactly where to start and where to give it a stop.

So, lets just start with this one


Or in the language understood by all I think, is to feel content with what we have on our plates and being grateful for all the things we had. Yet, not turning us to be a stingy brat. This is not some kind of dictionary provided meaning, but pretty much what I understand from that word.

Life is getting harder don't you reckon? When we small, we yearn for sweets. But, getting older we longed for something even more materialistic; car, houses, branded items etc.

But again, the difference is, being an adult, we have to work our ass off to get what we want.Mom and dad ain't giving us 20 cents to buy the things we want now. Because, we are all grown ups. :)

Trying to get to my point here, yearning for all those is not really a crime. Before any negative conclusions hit you, let me say that neat and clear. The crime is, when we never feel enough. We keep getting greedy for more, one after another. And to be to occupied with the things we 'feel' we do not have, blinded us over those whom are even needy than us.

I feel sick, because I think I am among those whom yearn over things too. As if, they are permanent. Turn around, I saw a lot more people who are in need, but we are too busy. I am too busy. So, we all just walked passed them, turning blind eyes for those in need.

I think, we all have enough. If we stop for a second and be grateful. For every little things we had.*deep sigh*

And I should really "applause" our media.

They are really on top of the scoreboard when it comes to advertisement. I don't think we had that much in Brisbane.*cringe*. Even media literacy won't be handy to deal with all the persuasive ads. 

So, please media. Cut it down a bit, because our society is struggling to make a living. And watching all those ads make them think as if they own nothing in the world.

Getting sick, and may be sicker.

Ramadhan, may it be the best healer.

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