squeee the lemon...make it as lemon juice.suck it all.Allah is forever wit you.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


It was past one year when I felt the need of throwing the never ending list of songs i had...really.earpiece was left out whenever I went out.which is abnormal.

Indeed.from headbanging song to mellow nasyid songs aint easy.

And proven, none of them stuck in my head except a few piece from zain bikha and the clan.

It hit me thou.

Between both facts.getting rid of everything and start clean.or slowly get rid of the bad habit and replacing with something new.

The analogy was like a full glass of water and when you take out a bit of them, u have the emptiness that should be filled with.

The drastic of getting rid of the list wasnt a big help.Youtube is there.

And I keep on listening as my rationalisation was I did not commit anything wrong by listening.by being moderate and knowing the limit and keeping everything balance.

But ultimately, I know. I should cut the tie.


Its hard. To handle people's perception on you.
Thou you know their judgement won't effect the Judgement by Him.

People walk their path differently.
As some might have to make a simple U-turn to get back on the right path.
Some might get stuck in traffic.
Or even get lost in the middle and have to take miles to find way back.

But ultimately, they keep on moving and hopefully end up on the right same spot as others.

We have different struggles. Each and everyone of us.
As long as we realize our final pitstop.
I know we would crawl if we have to
To reach the final destination.
Never fret then, Allah is watching.

People's talking.
Yahh..it hurt.
But let not them glue us to the ground.
Fly if you could.
Walk if you can't.
Crawl if its too much.
And stand up right when you recharge.

Tapi kadang..even you have to beat the rationalisation and rationalize is it really rational.got it.jangan nak memanjang watlek watpeace.skali Allah tarik nyawa.mampu nak tengok timbang tara pahala dosa kat 'sana'?

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